App frequently asked questions FAQ

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1. How can I access your app

a. Online at (web address)….
b. By downloading mobile app via App store or Google play

2. Do I have to pay to download the app

a. Online at (web address)….
b. By downloading mobile app via App store or Google play

3. Who can use the app

Currently adults above 18 years of age who are comfortable using video consultation technology independently and agree to our terms and conditions can use our app

4. On what platforms is it deployed/ soft wear versions compatibility

a. Our app has web, android and IOS platforms with the following requirements:

     i. Web browser – Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Edge

     ii. IPhone – IOS version 9 and above

     iii. Android – version 7 and above

     iv. WIFI- Bandwidth 2+ mbps

     v. Mobile 3G+

5. Do I need to fill all the required fields for the app to work

No you don’t need to fill all the fields but the support we will be able to offer you will depend on the information we have and some doctors may decline to accept a consultation request if these fields are not filled. Registration details are essential to access the app

6. Can I be shown how to use the app

Yes see our video on …

7. Why are children and proxy accounts excluded

a. This is for clinical safety reasons, in due course we plan to allow assisted accounts for children and adults needing help

8. Can I test the system without having to pay

a. Yes we will create test doctor profiles to allow members to familiarize themselves with the system

9. Why do I need to upload an identification document

a. This is a requirement from the clinical regulators that we identify the patients before advising treatment or issuing prescriptions. It is also recommended best practice for the platform that process online payments.

b. If you do not provide an ID we may still be able to help but the support we can offer maybe limited

10. Can I access the app from abroad or as a visitor to the UK

a. Yes but if you do not have access to a local GP the support we can offer maybe affected, as will be the case where you live abroad

11. Do I need to be registered with a GP to access the app

a. If you live in the UK this is preferred, otherwise the support we can offer .maybe affected


12. How do you secure the information on your app

a. See privacy policy

13. Where is your app hosted

a. In the UK on secure HIPAA complaint servers

14. Why do you need my personal information –

a. See privacy policy

b. We need your information for the following reasons

     i.    To provide you with services, advise and/or products

     ii.   To provide you with services, advise and/or products

     iii.   To provide you with services, advise and/or products

     iv.   To take payment for services and products purchased

     v.    To provide relevant information to doctors and nominated pharmacies involved in conducting consultations with you and or dispensing prescriptions

     vi.   To detect or prevent fraudulent activity

     vii.  To comply with requests by any regulatory authority

     viii. To contact you – communication, quality assurance, clinical concerns

15. Who has access to information on app

a. See privacy policy

16. I think someone may have accessed my account without permission

a. To access your account they will need your email and password, as well as access to your mobile phone in order to receive the access code. If you still think that your account has been compromised, contact us on and we will try to help you recover it. We can also suspend access to it will this is taking place.

b. No one can change your clinical details unless they have access to your account. Doctors you consult with can see your details but not change them.

17. Do you keep log of all your activity on the app

a. Yes all activity on the app is securely logged. Confidential information is fully encrypted and not accessed in this process.

18. What cookies do you store

a. See privacy policy

19. Can I change my email or telephone number without losing my account

a. Yes you can do so through you account setting on the app

20. What information about me do you keep on the app, can I have access to it

a. See privacy policy

21. My mobile has been stolen

a. Please contact us immediately and we will suspend your account, while we help you to recover your profile

22. My password has been compromised

a. You can change your password via the app account setting

b. If you have problems please contact us immediately and we will suspend your account, while we help you to recover your profile

23. Can you block my account – what is the process

a. We can suspend your account to prevent access to it. For regulatory reasons we cannot totally delete your account as we need to maintain access to the information for medico-legal purposes.

b. You will need to contact us to initiate this and we will advise

24. Can the doctor’s secretary see my clinical details

a. Currently the secretary has the same access as the doctor except for the ability to initiate the call, participate in or view actual consultation or issue prescription or investigation requests.

25. Who can see my medical profile and for how long

a. Your medical profile is only visible to yourself and the doctors you choose to consult. The doctor’s secretary can also view your profile as long as she is working for the doctor. No one but yourself can make changes to your profile.

b. For medico legal reasons the doctors will be able to access you profile as long as it is active and information you have shared with them during a consultation will remain accessible to them.

26. Can I block a doctor from seeing my profile

a. If you have consulted a doctor then your profile will be accessible to them. If you have an issue you will need to contact us

27. Who do you need information about me and who do you share it with

a. See privacy policy

28. Why do you use geo- location and what happens if I switch it off

a. This helps you locate doctors near you. If you switch this off this functionality is disabled

29. Can I change my app security settings

a. Yes this can be done via your account setting on you profile

Technical problems

30. My app is not working – unable to entre detail, poor connection, buttons/ fields not showing, data missing, not receiving alerts, access issue, crashes, frozen screen, audio or video issues, voice message not loading, files not loading or downloading.

31. Payment system not working

32. I have forgotten my password

a. Please follow the instruction on the app to reset

33. I need to access details of a doctor as I can’t get into my app

a. If you have been locked out of your app please contact us to assist

Financial Issues

34. Why do prices vary between doctors

a. We do not set the consultation charges for doctors, this is at the individual discretion of the doctors

35. How do I make payments

a. Payments are made on line using our app wallet facility

b. We use Stripe to process your payments

c. You register your card with Stripe via our app and then decide how much credit you want to put in your wallet

d. When your appointment is confirmed the appropriate amount of funds will be deducted from your wallet and credited to the doctor

36. Payment arrangements – do we cover insurance companies

a. Currently we do not

37. Do you keep details of my bank details

a. No we do not store any of you bank card details these are stored with Stripe

38. What happens if I cancel my appointment do I get a refund

a. If you cancel your appointment after the payment has been deducted, you can reschedule your appointment or contact us for refund or else