The Power of Sea Moss

Chondrus Crispus, also known as sea moss or Irish moss, is a species of algae that grows abundantly along the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. In modern day society, sea moss is mostly used as a thickening agent in commercial food production due to its carrageenan content.

Sea moss itself consists of over 90 of the 102 essential nutrients required by the human body. Rich in vitamins in minerals such as iodine, sulphur, iron, phosphorus and calcium; sea moss has been used for centuries by natives the Caribbean to treat many ailments and improve general health.

To name a few benefits, sea moss has been known to:

Strengthen and support the immune system

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the spotlight shone brightly upon sea moss as it was dubbed as the ‘miracle seaweed’. Sea moss is packed with antioxidants and possesses antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties which make it a great natural immunity boosting agent.

Improve thyroid function

Sea moss contains iodine which plays a key role in thyroid health by producing essential hormones required by the body.

Nourish hair and skin

Sea moss consists of antimicrobial properties and when applied topically in its gel form, it is able to draw out toxins from the skin and scalp. It also contains vitamin A which helps with maintain balanced sebum production.

Improve sexual health and libido

Due to its high content of zinc, sea moss has been known to be a natural aphrodisiac. Zinc is also essential to male sexual function as it helps to regulate function of the male prostate gland.

Increase metabolism and energy levels

The high quantities of selenium and iodine within sea moss encourages the body to burn calories, increasing overall metabolism and energy levels within the body.

Gut health

Sea moss is a good source of live bacteria and fibre and therefore serves as a probiotic which helps to maintain gut health.

The most popular way of ingesting sea moss is in its gel form which can be eaten off the spoon or added to drinks and meals as a natural nutrition-boosting ingredient.

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Author: Amy R

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