Wellness Trips

Wellness tourism is defined by the Global Wellness Institute as “travel associated with the pursuit of maintaining or enhancing one’s personal wellbeing”. With the increasing awareness and importance of health and wellness in general society, the market for wellness tourism is growing exponentially.

Wellness tourism aims to put health and wellbeing and the centre of your travel experience and often consists of healthy food, exercise, spa treatments and opportunities to embrace and expand creativity and spirituality.


Relaxing retreats that focus on improving spiritual wellbeing. Yoga and meditation retreats are often set in nature and focus on strengthening spirituality through daily yoga classes, guided-meditation sessions, peaceful walks, digital detoxes, informative talks and plenty of other wellness-focused activities.


As one of the most popular forms of wellness tourism, spa breaks allow for complete relaxation as you are able to immerse yourself in a luxurious setting and unwind with an array of therapeutic treatments that promote physical health. De-stressing with a massage or undergoing a rejuvenating body scrub can help to improve physical ailments; the presence of swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms can improve emotional wellbeing.


Healthy eating breaks are a great example of physical wellness tourism. These trips aim to help with weight loss and education about the foods your body needs. Nutritional retreats can be tailored to individual needs allowing the build-up of healthy habits that can be incorporated into daily life.

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